Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Carpenè Malvolti Predicts Banner Year for Prosecco

For  sparkling wine aficionado's, good news has arrived for the 2015 harvest from the historic vinyards of Carpenè Malvolti in Northern Italy. The tradition of winemaking here has passed from father to son for 145 years, and this year looks to be a good one for those seeking a delicious libation.

“The conclusion of the first fermentations shows excellent quality and concentration,” says Domenico Scimone, Director for Carpenè Malvolti. “We are, however, still waiting for the conclusion of the fermentations of the grapes coming from our vineyards at higher elevation, which traditionally give our wines their best character. We should have a complete picture by late autumn, but all signs point to a great vintage for us.”
The company reports that the 2015 vintage was characterized by a warm and mild summer. There was little rainfall early in the season, leading to a minor drought. This drought period, however, did not have a negative effect on the harvest. In fact, this dry period should lead to an even better harvest next year, as the minor stress to the vines leads to deeper root development.

Indeed, the oldest vines of the region suffered little from this shortage of water. The growing conditions led to a decrease in overall yields, thus concentrating aromas and flavors in the grapes. Thankfully, enough rain fell to alleviate the situation and help bring the grapes to a satisfactory harvest.

Perfected and introduced to the northwest hills of Italy by Antonio Carpenè - the “father of Prosecco” - the charmat method of sparkling wine production elevated the quality of sparkling wine in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Area, which has been nominated to become an UNESCO World heritage site.

From its founding, Carpenè Malvolti is still family owned and run. In addition to a robust portfolio of DOCG Prosecco, including Cartizze Superiore DOCG, Carpenè Malvolti produces Grappa Bianca, Grappa Riserva, and Grappa di Prosecco. For more information visit

Friday, January 23, 2015


The Fender Custom Shop just announced the latest luxe musical masterpiece from Senior Master Builder, Yuriy Shishkov’s – the handcrafted “Pine Cone Stratocaster” guitar modeled after the antique “Pine Cone” Easter Egg made by Fabergé in 1900.
This exclusive one-of-a-kind guitar features 550 high-quality diamonds, 10 feet of 18 karat gold adorning a flawless single-piece maple body and exhibition grade bird’s eye maple neck.

The body artwork design was created in a 3D format and projected onto the guitar before it was hand-carved to produce the sphere surface effect of an egg. If all the scales on the guitar were extended beyond the instrument’s contour, they would create a perfect “egg” shape. The blue hand-stained “multi-composite” finish was specially invented for this particular guitar to recreate the “egg-like” appearance.
The guitar’s hardware was hand engraved; the knobs and switch tip were custom designed at the Fender Custom Shop and crowned with diamonds. In addition, the “Fender” logo on the headstock is made of 2mm gold plated solid silver; the fingerboard comes complete with inlaid diamonds and 10 feet of 18 karat gold ribbon wire inlay, and is finished with a gold-plated nut.

The “old stock” pickups were hand-wound by legendary Fender Custom Shop pickup winder, Abigail Ybarra, and feature “encapsulated” pickup mounting, a never before seen technique that eliminates additional routing and leaves more “real estate” surface on the guitar’s body for additional artwork.
Each Fender Custom Shop guitar is a meticulous piece of art, completely customized to your specifications using their downloadable Quote Sheet. After modifying what you want from an extensive list of options, which begin as low as $3500 and include an additional Masterbuilt Fee at $2160 ranges up from there. In the case of a highly customized build, the Master Builder will contact you when he's ready to start your project, and he'll examine each aspect of your instrument with you to make sure that everything is exactly as requested. If you have any changes to be made, he'll cover that with you, too.

The “Pine Cone” Stratocaster will be accommodated with an authentic limited edition Fabergé Easter “Pine Cone Egg”. Says the Yuriy, "I thought that the timeless, simple yet elegant pattern design of a Fabergé Pine Cone Easter egg would look beautiful on the Stratocaster body."  Both the guitar and the egg have matching serial numbers (0074). Like the original antique egg, it has a surprise miniature “Elephant” inside. In addition, the egg has been signed by Maison Tatiana Fabergé. No specific price was given at press time for this master work.

The guitar comes complete with a custom carrying case, a hand-tooled blue leather matching design custom strap and lighted display case. For more information, go to

Monday, January 12, 2015

#margielamonday Takes A Bow With John Galliano

Legendary showman and fashion's L'enfant terrible, John Galliano returned to the runway this week with a 24 piece "Artisanal Collection" for Maison Martin Margiela.
Installed by Renzo Rosso, the President of the aptly named parent-company, Only The Brave, the collection attracted an A-list of fashionistas from Lanvin's Alber Elbez to Diesel's Nicola Formichetti. Rosso is not a man afraid to take risks and this one looks to have paid off. In fact, Rosso upon choosing Formichetti, Lady Gaga's stylist and Mugler Creative Director as the first-ever Artistic Director at Diesel (the brand Rosso created), he said, "I've finally met someone as crazy as I am."

Crazy like a fox, It's yet to be determined how risky the choice of the creatively esteemed designer is for the house of Margiela itself known for its subdued silhouettes, but the collection that bowed this week was met with polite applause from the fashion community and introduced a new fuller, revealing silhouette.
A process of discovery, returning to one’s roots found Mr. Galliano deconstruct and then, "Piece by piece...construct a new story for Margiela."
The collection itself was said to give us a glimpse into a deep commitment to the extraordinary possibilities of the Maison’s Atelier and the art of Haute Couture.

Taking nothing for granted, and pulling inspiration from the house itself, the designer approached tailoring, techniques, craftsmanship like a new explorer, or painter: One who sees beauty in things that are often taken for granted, giving everything a newly enriched life.

The designer offered "a powerful and fierce yet refined mix of fabrics and materials. Stripped down, or reborn together in startling and unexpected ways. New direction given with play on proportion and sartorial rules. Languid, sweeping. Precise tailoring. Eyes wide open in wonderment to a veritable Cabinet de Curiosités."
According to the show program, the collection was "A jigsaw of lacquered shells reminiscent of Arcimboldo style figures. Looking through the glass, discovering an elusive, rare even arrestingly strange new beauty, of muses who nonchalantly arouse your senses."
In the words of the brand..."A world deep in its past but with promises of the future."

If you haven't taken the time to view their decidedly moderne & quirky site, check out Maison Martin Margiela.

Credits: Images provided by Maison Martin Margiela; Make Up: Pat McGrath; Hair: Eugene Souleiman; Music : Jeremy Healy; Lighting : Jan Kroeze

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spotify Landmark: Tears For Fears plays "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

Good News From Universal Music: To help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Songs from the Big Chair (which I can't believe!) Spotify tapped Tears For Fears to record the first-ever LIVE Spotify Landmark Session!  The Spotify Landmark series documents music's greatest moments in the words of those who made them.  Tears For Fears was invited down to the famed LA studio, The Village to perform some of their biggest hits and tell the stories behind them in front of a very intimate audience.

“Spotify Landmark: Tears For Fears’ ‘Songs From The Big Chair’” is the first Landmark to feature full-song performances in both audio and video, and it’s a great way to rediscover such hits as “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” “Head Over Heels,” “Shout” and many more – even a surprise cover.

Spotify Landmark is the story behind some of the greatest moments in music, told by the people who made them.

Each show blends intimate interviews with artists, producers, industry figures and celebrities to create a listening history of legendary albums, concerts and events.

Watch and listen to the whole thing HERE. The 30th Anniversary Edition of Songs from the Big Chair, is now available via UMe in five formats, including a six-disc deluxe edition box set featuring previously unreleased material and a 5.1 surround sound mix by Steven Wilson.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Monday 9.29 Ad Week Panel: The Evolution Has Begun!

I'm proud to once again be invited to moderate a panel during Advertising Week here in NYC, our topic: The Evolution Has Begun: The Relationship Between Celebrity & Media.

ABOUT: We live in a celebrity-fixated world where endorsements have become common practice and often necessary for brands, agencies, marketers and PR pro’s alike. Please join the Round Table Creative Media Group as we explore the evolutionary relationship between the media and celebrity. This panel will examine the evolutionary role that celebrities now play in today’s minute-by-minute media landscape.

The relationships between celebrities, brands and agencies has deepened across a myriad of media channels and become more nuanced to include the celebrity as brand. The depth of this integrated role has quickly moved beyond pure pay to play and we’re now seeing celebrities launch their own lifestyle oriented media such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP and Blake Lively’s Preserve.  Yet some celebrities are taking it a step further by creating new outlets to express their other creative talents. By partnering with ad industry veterans, they are setting the brand voice and overseeing the creative direction for their brand clients, evidenced by Van’s General Store, which Liev Schreiber co-founded.

Brands, Agencies and Talent are creating tomorrow’s content in more creative ways than ever thought possible, with consumers driving the discussion, trying to keep up no less lead is challenging; our panel will address the challenges and their own successes.

Panelists include Amy TunickGREY Activation & PR, a division of GREY and WPP; Peter Davis, newly appointed Executive Editor at The DAILY and soon-to-launch The DAILY Hollywood & Katherine Plunkett, Managing Director of Centaur Media's creative & marketing portfolio, &

Program begins at 9:30am on the Microsoft Stage, this is a ticketed event, contact me for more information.